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Have you ever used the services of a tutor in your life before? (Tutoring services include help with tests ,assignments, research projects write up and analysis also one on one tutoring sessions)?
If yes who provided such services to you?

If no would you afford and like to use tutoring service if they were at your reach?

Do you currently have access to tutoring service in your current location?

How would you describe the price of the last tutoring services you purchased?
What had you purchased?
Who provided such services?
How much did it cost?

How much would you pay for the following services?

Test assistance
Assignments assistance
Research project write up
Research project Analysis
1 hour one on one tutoring session

How would you describe the experience?
Tutoring services within your reach How did you first hear of the availability of?
Have you ever heard of the tutoring services company called Groening and Associated Tutoring services?
Would you recommend our services after liking and going through our social media pages?
Any comments
After going through our social media pages and website what would stop you from purchasing our services?